Caring for Teak Furniture

Teak wood is popular among furniture makers and consumers. It's strength and durability makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use and typically requires little maintenance. Most often you will see teak left in its natural state - a silver/gray color or treated with oil to present a beautiful golden finish. 


Danish Teak Table Set

Danish Teak Table Set

Kai Kristiansen Desk

Here at MCM Unique, we want our customers to know that our furniture pieces (if required) go directly to our restoration specialist before going out on the showroom floor. From small fixes to major restorations we ensure that each piece is brought back to life and is presented  in a "like new" fashion while  maintaining  it's age and natural beauty. 

We recently picked up a Kai Kristiansen floating desk that required minor fixes and our restoration specialist shared with us why he prefers to use Tung oil to preserve and care for teak furniture. 

*Tung oil is a drying oil that hardens (dries) upon exposure to air. Most of the teak pieces acquired come to our shop in dry conditions which is common in our Arizona climate. Tung oil is a natural fit for teak because it keeps it moist and protected. Tung oil is easy to use and unlike other oils, doesn't require multiple steps.

When applying tung oil, pour a generous amount directly onto your piece working your way from the center out. Use a small 6x6 square of 100% cotton - preferably a lint free cotton t-shirt.  We recommend at least 3 days of drying time before anything is placed on top of the surface.

A few things to consider when purchasing and caring for teak: 

  1. Let your furniture acclimate to your region before refinishing. 
  2. Buy your furniture in good condition. Use a fine grit sand paper to clean and remove residue before oiling your piece. 
  3. Use a paste wax or briwax to preserve and clean your teak furniture. 


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Products used: 1000 Grit Sandpaper, Hand held sanding tool and Minwax Tung Oil.