It is MCMU's intent to be as clear and accurate as possible when describing or photographing our items for sale on the MCMU website.   None of our items are new.  All are vintage.  Everything has been enjoyed for many years by the previous owner(s).  As such, all items will reflect some normal “life wear & tear”, given the item’s heritage.  In many cases, MCMU will work to carefully restore an item to a condition that is best possible, given the item’s age and condition.  In other cases, MCMU allows the item to remain in its current state…which we believe is the best representation of the item. 

The categories we employ within our item descriptions to best convey the overall condition of our vintage items is the following:

Excellent: Given an item’s overall age…if the item has a few small flaws/scratches that are mostly unnoticeable or insignificant…the item is described as in Excellent condition overall.  A proud addition to any collection!

Very Good:  Overall, the item looks sharp and is a neat piece.  Signs of vintage wear is construed as slightly more than what would typically be concluded for items ranked as in Excellent condition.  Nevertheless…the item is a one of a kind, special piece!

Good:  The item has all its working parts…has a lot of useful life ahead of it…still has unique qualities…very neat in many respects…but has more visible “life wear”.  Still a neat item to own, use, or showcase!

Rustic:  Items that are not restored…but enjoyed for its life history which has added to the item’s uniqueness and beauty.  One of kind!