Should I sell or consign to MCM Unique? 

The choice, of course, is  yours. 

Here's what you need to know and understand: 


The good news is that a dealer like MCM Unique can make selling incredibly easy for you AND offer you immediate cash.  What could be better than that?  No hassles.  No dealing with the public.  Quick.  Done.  And typically MCM Unique can afford to purchase your piece from you for more than you will ever get from selling your piece on, for example, CraigsList.   With this said, dealers like MCM Unique have to cover overhead (rent, salaries, taxes, utilities, insurance, shop supplies, etc.) and  employ cash (working capital).   As well, your piece probably requires refinishing (stripping that old finish and restaining and applying new exterior coats of protection) or refurbishing (i.e., reupholstery).  As such, dealers will incur additional costs to bring the piece you sell "back to life".  It's a lot of work and it takes time and money.

So...given the above...what's the "bottom line?".  To earn a reasonable return on your piece, a dealer like MCM Unique (and all other dealers) do a quick calculation and determine a range of what they might be able to sell your piece for (once it is refinished or refurbished).  We factor in time value of money and we factor in cost of restoration.  Keep in mind that your the condition you introduced it to us...isn't or wasn't worth a lot.  Only IF a dealer like MCM Unique invests its time and money and restores a piece to its "full glory" is your piece potentially worth top retail dollar.   Because it takes a lot of time...and a lot of money to purchase and restore a piece...dealers like MCM Unique can afford to pay you only a fraction of the IMPROVED, ultimate retail value of your piece.  After all...who should really benefit from investing the time and the money to restore a piece?  You?...or the entity that invests that time and money to bring a piece back to its full potential?  I think you know the answer here.  And now that you understand that dealers like MCM Unique also have significant overhead expenses to now understand why any dealer can only afford to pay you cash for the outright purchase of your piece at maybe 10% to 20% of the IMPROVED, ultimate retail value of your piece.  It's just mathematics so don't be offended by our offer, please.  In fact...we encourage you to shop your piece elsewhere BEFORE you come to MCM Unique.  The offers you receive from other dealers will provide you the education we've outlined here.  Oh...and it is very likely...very likely...that MCM Unique can beat your very best price!  


If MCM Unique is not offering to purchase outright (for many reasons), we may offer to market and sell your piece on a consignment basis.  If MCM Unique agrees to take your piece on consignment, you will get no cash upfront.  After signing a simple consignment agreement, upon sale, you will earn 50 percent of the net sale price of your piece.  If you can afford to wait for a piece to be refinished and / or refurbished, consigning to MCM Unique is the best economic equation for you.   Keep in mind that MCM Unique has global marketing ability via its role as a dealer on the global marketing website "".  We sell and ship around the globe...for top dollar.  50% of a net top dollar sales price can be a very attractive result for a consignor.  Certainly significantly more than you can expect to earn by selling your piece outright by yourself (because of OUR global reach).  What is netted from the sales price upon sale are the reasonable costs of restoration of your piece, internet site commissions (if any), and other small costs (if any).  It is reasonable for MCM Unique to recapture its costs for the expense that MCM Unique has incurred in direct relation to your piece(s).  It is important to keep in mind that a piece may sell in one day, one week, one month, one year, or more.   It just depends upon when "that buyer" ultimately finds your/our piece.  And there's a buyer out there for every piece.  We, at MCM Unique, have proven that over and over.  

In summary...if you desire quick cash...sell outright.  If you desire the most cash for your special piece of furniture, lighting or art (designer names are highly desired), then consider consigning to MCM Unique IF MCM Unique offers you that possibility.   Sometimes we'll offer the consignment offer.  Sometimes we'll offer only an outright purchase. It depends upon the piece(s). 

More questions?  Feel free to ask.